A Letter To My Teenage Self

By: Sarah Schott

I wish that I could write a letter to my teenage self. Oh man, I’d have so so much to say!! It’s become a passion of mine to be the mentor I needed when I was going through high-school. Sure, my parents offered their advice, but it’s very different when it comes from elsewhere. So here it is, for all of my little sisters struggling through the teenage years.

You don’t need everyone to like you, you only need a few good people. It’s never okay to trade true friendships for the opinions of others. People are always going to want to influence what you do or make you feel like you’re not doing things the “right” way. You don’t need to have a ton of relationships to add value to who you are.


A boyfriend does not validate your beauty. The number of boyfriends that you’ve had is not a signifier of how attractive you are. You don’t need to apply more makeup to your face in between classes just because everyone else does. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch, the expectation to become an expert at your hair and makeup is completely unrealistic.

Selfies do not equal “sexy”. Followers do not make you someone worth following. Unplug and focus on your education! One day you will regret not taking it seriously. After all, that’s the whole reason you’re at school, so how about you give learning some real attention. Spend time thinking about your future and the kind of woman you want to become. Then, invest your energy in her.

Most importantly…. wait. Don’t worry so much about falling in love or buy into the lie that you will never get married. When you become the type of woman that the man you are looking for will be looking for, God will arrange the rest. Then, when you do finally meet him, you won’t even be looking for him. God is the best at surprises! The man of your dreams has got nothing on your future husband! Stop longing for the “one days” to come, and start living. You only get to be a teenager once! It’s right there in the middle of ordinary life that God will bring you the most beautiful love.

Oh, and don’t be too intimidated to reach up. If you need someone today, we’re here to help!