By: Stephanie Williams

No matter how many times I heard how beautiful I was, nothing could change the way I viewed myself. Deep down I KNEW I had a past that was so ugly, if anyone REALLY knew my struggles or the ungodly things I did… I would never be beautiful enough for my future husband or for God to love me.

The healing that I needed didn’t have a single thing to do with my makeup, but rather accepting the grace of God and that God found beauty in the things I thought were so ugly and wanted to hide, my past included.


He found beauty in my mess. So often we believe that our mess disqualifies us from receiving God’s grace or the future He has for us, when the truth is our mess brings us closer to Him. “In our Weakness, He is made strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:9-11

Comparison makes me ugly — Acceptance makes me beautiful

Negativity makes me ugly — Joy makes me beautiful

Competition makes me ugly — Inclusiveness makes me beautiful

Gossip makes me ugly — Encouragement makes me beautiful

You are responsible for your own inner beauty. Some days, you can’t control that zit on your face or the 5 pounds you gained overnight. However, you can control your response to your mess.

“Aren’t you glad that we do not determine our own future based on what we believe we deserve?” Because if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have given me the life I have right now.

That’s the beauty…RIGHT THERE! We do not have the right to tell God how much we do not deserve His Grace. His Grace makes us beautiful, regardless of the way we feel about ourselves, or the way OTHERS make US feel — We are forgiven.

“Stop digging through the blood to figure out what’s forgiven and what isn’t.” He accepts you. Your past & your present- There is nothing that you could do to convince Him to love you more. He already loves you the way you wish He did.

3 things I do when I start feeling ugly:

1.) Find the truth, read scripture.

2.) Speak the truth.

3.) Bring others in on my truth, find accountability & find someone to believe with me.

Selfies do not equal “sexy”. Followers do not make you someone worth following. Unplug and focus on your education! One day you will regret not taking it seriously. After all, that’s the whole reason you’re at school, so how about you give learning some real attention. Spend time thinking about your future and the kind of woman you want to become. Then, invest your energy in her.

Most importantly…. wait. Don’t worry so much about falling in love or buy into the lie that you will never get married. When you become the type of woman that the man you are looking for will be looking for, God will arrange the rest. Then, when you do finally meet him, you won’t even be looking for him. God is the best at surprises! The man of your dreams has got nothing on your future husband! Stop longing for the “one days” to come, and start living. You only get to be a teenager once! It’s right there in the middle of ordinary life that God will bring you the most beautiful love.

Oh, and don’t be too intimidated to reach up. If you need someone today, we’re here to help!