By: Abby Gray

God doesn’t cause the hurt you’ve experienced. We live in a world that is pretty good at acting independently of God’s will, and that results in inevitable damage. As a human, Jesus experienced every emotion in the most real way possible: rejection, abuse, fear. You name it, He experienced it. God knows our pain, but He also knows how to heal us from it.

I’ve gained scars in two ways. I’ve been hurt by others, and I’ve been hurt by actions that I chose for myself. Both can be healed by grace. I accepted an outpouring of grace over my own mistakes. Healing came through constantly reminding myself that grace allows no room for guilt or shame.


I also gave grace to people who gave me scars. It was easier to do when I recognized that it was their own insecurity and pain that caused them to act out. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you allow those people to have any power over your life again. Forgiveness gives you control over a situation that once had control over you. You are able to find healing in releasing the resentment you’ve built up and lay it at the foot of the cross.

Your scars, emotional or physical, have power. Nothing you go through that leaves a scar is without meaning. When hurting people see the healing you’ve experienced in your own life, it has the potential to bring the hope of the cross to light in their life. Instead of looking at your past pain with resentment, look at it as something God can work for good in your life and in the lives of others.

It was Jesus’ scars that saved humankind. There would be no resurrection without the cross first. As Christians, we are told to carry our own cross. We live in a broken world where scars are inevitable, and that is our cross to carry. Fortunately, it is in our pain that God is the most evident. How would anyone be able to see the healing, redemptive power of Jesus in our lives if there was nothing to heal or redeem us from?